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Man Takes Own Life Over Wisdom Tooth Pain

Man Takes Own Life Over Wisdom Tooth Pain

Anthony Hoskins was 38-years-old when he took his own life. On April 3rd, police found Hoskins hanged in his home during a welfare check. According to his mother, he couldn’t stand the pain of his wisdom teeth anymore.

An Unbearable Toothache

The pain began last January for Hoskins. After visiting a dentist, he was placed on an NHS waiting list for a wisdom tooth extraction.

Unfortunately, his pain could not wait. It kept him up at night. Because of this, Hoskins was soon taking large amounts of OTC painkillers with a glass of whiskey every night just to sleep. In March, only a month before his death, he told his mother, Shirley, “he’d had enough of the pain.”

Understandably, his mother wanted to help. Private treatment of the tooth would have cost £1,500. When she became aware of her son's pain, she began saving up money for the treatment. A few weeks before Hoskins took his life, she had already saved up £900.

Ending the Pain

On April 3rd, Hoskins' worried mother called the police. She hadn’t heard from him in days. The police forced entry into his home. There, they found Hoskins hanged in his bedroom.

“Anthony was just a normal man who got on with life,” said Anthony’s mother. “He enjoyed playing computer games and had no financial problems. His rent was always paid, along with other utilities, and he would see me weekly.”

Certainly, Shirley is comforted that her son is no longer in pain. Still, it’s not much of a consolation. “The really sad thing is,” she told the press, “that it cost me almost the same amount of money to pay for his death that it would have to have private dental treatment.”

A coroner held an inquest regarding Hoskins’ death. A pathologist performed a post mortem and concluded the cause of death was hanging. Coroner Sarah Marsh determined it was a suicide.

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