Wisdom Teeth Removal: General Dentist or Oral Surgeon?

oral surgeonMany people wonder who they need to use to have their wisdom teeth removed. Are they required to go to an oral surgeon to get their wisdom teeth extracted or can their regular dentist perform the procedure safely? The answer to this question will probably depend on both the patient and the dentist involved.

In general, the job of removing a person’s wisdom teeth falls under the job description of an oral surgeon. After all, it is a type of surgery. However, it is possible for both an oral surgeon and a regular dentist to perform a tooth extraction, as long as the tooth is not seriously impacted. A dentist will be able to quickly and easily extract a single wisdom tooth using a local anesthetic. They may even be able to remove two or more wisdom teeth at one time. If the patient is going to have all four of their wisdom teeth extracted at the same time, then the job will probably be recommended to an oral surgeon.

Oral surgeons usually have offices that are better equipped to handle serious medical surgeries and procedures. If the patient has a serious problem regarding their wisdom teeth, then they will probably need to see an oral surgeon. For example, if the wisdom tooth that is to be extracted is impacted or lodged underneath another tooth, then an oral surgeon will have to perform the procedure. The understanding between dentists and oral surgeons is that oral surgeons are better equipped to handle the actual procedure and are better prepared in case something goes wrong during the procedure. Oral surgeons also have access to different types of surgical equipment, and many perform their surgeries in actual hospitals. Some dentists find that the fee they are paid for performing a wisdom tooth extraction procedure is not worth the extra risks and potential complications that come with it. Because of this, most dentists will refer their wisdom teeth extraction procedures to an oral surgeon.

Different patients will experience different results, but in general, a dentist will be able to remove one or two wisdom teeth as long as they are healthy and not impacted, but seriously damaged, impacted or infected wisdom teeth will have to be extracted by an oral surgeon. Most patients will probably have to see their regular dentist before they can be recommended to an oral surgeon for a wisdom tooth extraction procedure.